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BUS 300: Case Studies in Business (Durkin) Spring 2022 All sections

Librarian: Erin Larucci

Looking up Ticker Symbol

  • A Google search can show a company's ticker symbol
  • Yahoo Finance Ticker Symbol Lookup (also provides full name of public companies)
  • EDGAR can be used to find ticker symbols and company filings from the SEC

Finding Company Financials

EDGAR can be used to find filings with the SEC. In these filings, check the table of contents to locate specific information. You can also 'ctrl-f' to locate specific phrases, for instance 'Corporate Social Responsibility' - it should locate the statement for you in the report.

Check the company website for 'Investor Relations' or 'Investors' sections. 

Financial reports can also be found in some company profiles. Check multiple sources to fill in gaps. 

Finding News Articles

The company you choose needs to have been in the news since December 1, 2021. You can find news articles in the following sources, as well as Google News

Finding Company Profiles

It is important to try to find company profiles that have been published within the past two years. Tables of contents can help you find specific company information. It is also important to check multiple sources as some will fill in gaps other sources do not cover.

Finding Scholarly Journal Articles