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Milne Library Weeding Project: Milne Print Collection Review

The Library is conducting an ongoing review of the print collection to identify and withdraw books that are in poor condition or are outdated.

Milne Library Weeding Project

The Library Weeding Task Force has been working collaboratively with faculty to identify books for potential deselection based on widely accepted criteria. Additionally, faculty have been working with the librarians on review of materials in their disciplines. After actively working this past summer, 2015, a list has been created that will be distributed to the Senate listserv for final review by the faculty. A thoughtful review of the print collection and removal of titles deemed no longer suitable is a necessary part of collection development for all academic libraries. The Milne Weeding Task Force is committed to an inclusive, collaborative process that will result in improvement to the overall collection.

Documents and Task Force Minutes

Collection Review List, Fall 2015

For reviewers: please download the spreadsheet above with the information regarding volumes under review. By default, all volumes listed will be weeded unless a reviewer notifies us to remove a title from the list. Please use the last column on the right of each volume listed to generate an email to the Weeding Task Force Chair. The email will contain title and barcode. Feel free to add any other information as to why you would like to see this title removed from the list. Do not email edited versions of the spreadsheet. Thanks for your help!

GreenGlass Collection Analysis

GreenGlass™ is a modern, purpose-built web application developed by Sustainable Collection Services™. It is a convenient customized tool that offers immediate answers to important questions about your collection.This video shows how GreenGlass™ works. Milne Library monographic metadata was extracted from aleph to populate the Milne instance of GreenGlass. The system was used to produce various collection lists that were helpful during the summer 2015 weeding project.