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SPAN 214: Phonetics (Escudero): Home

Selected Sources for Research, Milne Library, SUNY College at Oneonta, Spring 2014

Selected Reference Books

Encyclopedia of Bilingualism and Bilingual Education                REF LC 3707.E53

Encyclopedia of Language and Education [electronic resource]

(available through the Classic Catalog)

The World’s Major Languages                                                           REF P 371 W6 2009

The Linguistics Encyclopedia                                                            REF P 29 L52 2004

Oxford Spanish Dictionary                                                                  REF PC 4640 O94 2008

International Encyclopedia of Linguistics                                       REF P 29 I58 2003

Selected Country Resources

Print Reference Sources

Latin America             REF F1408 .D25

Western Europe           REF D1050 .W378

Electronic Resources

Finding Books

Subject Headings

Combine your country or region with such terms as:

Spanish language        Lingística                                Gramática

Dialects                       Lingística diacrónica               Fonética

Pronunciation              Lingística aplicada                 

Provincialisms             Sociolingística

Finding Periodical Articles

All of the following databases are listed on the library website under the Databases tab. 

Finding a Copy of a Periodical Article

Locating the full text of the article in electronic form:

If there is no full text with the citation for an article in a database, click on Linked Full Text.  If the full text of the article is available in another database, there will usually be a link to that database where the article can be found by linking to the appropriate volume and issue number, or by searching for the article by its specific title.  In some databases, the article will appear without additional searching. 

If the article is not available, return to the home page of the library and click on Journals.  Enter the journal title in the search box, and click on Exact Match.  You can then determine if an online or print copy of the article is available.  Oneonta Local links to information about locally held items.  On the record for the journal title, click Is it here?  The record will list the years and volumes of the journal held in Milne Library.  The record will also indicate whether the issue is in print or microfilm. 

Print periodicals are located on compact shelving, and microfilm is available in metal cabinets in the Microfilm Room, both of which are in the Periodicals Room, (SB floor), two floors beneath the main floor of the library. 

Requesting an article on Interlibrary Loan:

If you find an article from a periodical that is not available at Milne Library, you can request the article through the link Request item on Interlibrary Loan on the record for the article needed or through the link on the bottom of the homepage of the library website.  See a librarian for help.  

Video Sources featuring Native Spanish Speakers

World Wide Web Sources

 The Sounds of Spanish (Ohio State University)

Google Videos: Advanced Search

Can be limited by country and language. Look for interviews of local people in news or travel videos to hear regional dialects. Searching by the name of a city in the area of interest also may prove helpful.

Domain Name Registries Around the World

            Can be used to find the country code for an advanced search in Google.

Search in Spanish. Travel promotion videos can be helpful.

Database Sources




Citing Your Source

The Citing Sources link on the main Library page covers many styles including MLA (Modern Language Association).

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