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SOCL 209: Social Research Methods: SOCL 209

Dr. Ho Han Leung Librarian: Lyndsie Robinson

Research Help

Librarians are available to help you in several ways:

  • Visit the Research Help Desk in Milne Library, located on your left after you enter the first floor through the main entrance or through Jazzman's Cafe.
  • Call the Research Help Desk at Milne Library at 436-2722. If the librarian is busy, you can leave a message on voice mail.
  • E-mail a question to a Milne librarian & get a response within 48 hours.
  • Request a research consultation to meet individually with a librarian. 

Finding Periodical Articles

Periodicals are publications that come out on a regular basis. Examples include newspapers, magazines, and journals. Scholarly, or peer-reviewed, periodicals are appropriate for more serious research, while magazines, or popular periodicals are intended for entertainment or information for general audiences. See this Types of Periodicals guide to understand all the differences.

The library subscribes to over a hundred databases originally published in print periodicals. The content in the databases is not, for the most part, free on the web. The library pays for access to these databases. 

Use the Browse by Discipline list (under the Databases tab on the home page) to find the best databases for your topic.

Finding a Copy of a Periodical Article

Locating the full text of the article in electronic form:

If there is no full text with the citation for an article in a database, click on Linked Full Text or Full Text through LinkSource. If a full text of the article is available in another database, there will be a link connecting you to that database, where you can locate the article in the appropriate volume, or search for the article by title or author.

You can also determine whether a periodical is available electronically by clicking on the Journals tab on the library home page and entering the periodical title in the search box. If the title is available in electronic form, check the coverage, and click on the database link(s) and search for the item(s) needed. If the title is available in the library, click on "SUNY-Oneonta Print Holdings" and then on "Is it here?" to see the complete holdings.

Locating the article in print or microfilm, if not available in electronic form:

If under "Links to Full Text," there is a link to the title, click on "Journal," and then on "Is it here?" Check "Summary holdings" to see if Milne Library has the particular issue needed and in what form the article can be found. Periodicals are located on compact shelving or in microfilm drawers on floor P.

Requesting an article on Interlibrary Loan:

If you find an article from a periodical that is not available at Milne Library in any form after you have linked to "Check Library Catalog", you can request the article through the link Request via Interlibrary Loan on the record for the article needed (see computer screen that comes up after you click on Find It!). You need to be registered to submit ILL requests. See a librarian for help. You can also request articles through the InterLibrary Loan login link on the library web site under the "Students & Faculty Services" tab.

Finding an Article from a Citation

If you have the citation for a periodical article

  •        use the Journals tab on the top of the library home page
  •         type in the title of the journal or magazine
  •         look for that title in the list and follow the link to the database(s)
  •         follow the links to the correct issue of the periodical OR
  •         locate a "search" box to type in the title of the article
  •         If the library subscribes to the periodical in print or microform, this will be indicated as well. Follow the link(s) to see what years the library
            subscribes to.

Sociology Databases

Specialized subject databases sometimes contain articles not found in Search Everything or General Databases.