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Collection Development Policy

Collection Development Policy

James M. Milne Library   

SUNY Oneonta   

Library Mission Statement

The mission of the James M. Milne Library is to provide quality information resources, services, and expertise, both within and beyond the library’s walls, and to create an inviting and stimulating intellectual center for teaching, learning, and research at SUNY Oneonta.


The collections of the James M. Milne Library directly support the educational and scholarly programs of SUNY Oneonta through the selection and maintenance of library materials in a range of formats for students, faculty, and staff.  SUNY Oneonta is a public, liberal arts and sciences college with a pre-professional focus. The College enrolls approximately 6,500 students in a wide variety of bachelor’s degree programs and a number of graduate certificates and degrees. The library will be a force for change in ensuring that students acquire the skills necessary for lifelong learning. The library will continue to provide quality services and collections and to offer an inviting and comfortable space for intellectual exchange and cultural enrichment. 

Collection development at the James M. Milne Library is a collaborative effort between liaisons and departmental faculty. Liaisons are librarians with responsibilities for selecting materials for the collections. Liaisons work with representatives from each academic department on the Library Committee in guiding the development and growth of the library. Participation in resource development by academic department faculty is essential, because teaching faculty are subject specialists with the academic credentials and curricular expertise to inform collections decisions. Collaboration between librarians and faculty members is required if the library is to fulfill its role in support of the academic program curriculum. 

Revision History

Reviewed by Library Liaisons (February 18, 2021)

Reviewed by Library Advisory Council (March 30, 2021)

Reviewed by Library Committee (April 19, 2021)