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Open Educational Resources and Affordable Learning: OER and OA

A guide to discovering, evaluating, and using low cost textbooks and other course materials.

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What is the different between Open Access and Open Educational Resources?

There are a number of related, progressive campus initiatives that use the word "open". SUNY Oneonta has a robust Open Educational Resources (OER) initiative that is running parallel to the College’s push towards Open Access to scholarship. A common question is: “What is the different between Open Access to scholarship and Open Educational Resources?”

  • Open Access is defined as free, immediate online availability of research articles and other scholarly content. The intention of open access is to make scholarship and research widely available.
  • An Open Educational Resource is defined as a teaching and learning material (such as a textbook) that has been shared with a permissive license allowing for anyone to use, revise, and redistribute it. The purpose of OER is to provide free, reusable teaching and learning materials.

SUNY Oneonta’s Open Access policy is a "rights retention policy".  Campus authors retain copyright of their works, and allow post-peer review article drafts to be shared in an open access repository.   The Open Access Policy does not require authors to license content it in a way that would allow for others to reuse or build on their work.

Open Educational Resources

Open Access

·      Materials for teaching and learning

·      Scholarly works that document and advance scholarly conversation

·      Free public access plus the permission to customize

·      Free public Access

·      Formats: Textbooks, Courseware, Assessments, Simulations, Educational Videos

·      Formats: Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles, Scholarly Books, Data and other Research Outputs