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HIST 101: Western Civilization II

Librarian: Erin Larucci

Finding Style Manuals

Chicago Manual of Style                                                                                                                                       See Databases in alphabetical 

         order by title on the library web site

                                               Ref Z 253 U69 2010 (print)

A short library guide to the most commonly cited examples

is available at the research help desk and online under

Citing Sources on the library web site.

Finding Background Information

Reference books (encyclopedias, handbooks, chronologies, atlases) are valuable sources of information.

  • Brief overviews
  • Important concepts, names, and dates
  • Lists of sources for further reading
  • Free photocopying at Research Help Desk
  • Do not generally count as required sources  

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and other Background Sources

Cambridge Histories Online                                                                                                                              See Databases on the library web site

Complete text of over 350 scholarly texts in the Cambridge History Series.  Each title is also listed individually in the library's online catalog.  Dates vary.  Some titles are available in print.

Cambridge History of Food                                                                                                                               Ref TX 353 C255 2000

Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood:  In History and Society                                                               Ref HQ 767.84 E53 2004

Encyclopedia of European Social History from 1350-2000                                                                            Ref HN 373 E63 2001

Encyclopedia of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars                                                                Ref DC 220 E53 2006

Encyclopedia of War                                                                                                                                          Ref U 27 E48 2012

European Renaissance and Reformation                                                                                                        Ref CB 359 W67 2001

Europe Since 1914:  Encyclopedia of the Age of War and Reconstruction                                                 Ref D 424 E94 2006                          

Food History Almanac                                                                                                                                       Ref TX 353 C568 2014

Gender and Society                                                                                                                                           Ref HQ 1115 W644 2006

Historical Dictionary of the French Revolution                                                                                              Ref DC 147 H36 2015

Women, Gender, and Sexuality                                                                                                                        Ref HQ 1115 B38 2008

Finding Print and Electronic Books in Milne Library

Use the Library Catalog link at the top of the library home page.  This is an index to the physical contents of Milne Library and to selected books, documents, and media available online.  For books in Milne, note the call number for the item and consult Library Floor Plans to determine the location of the item.  For online books, follow the link to the Electronic Book or Online Item.   

Search Tips:

  • Use a wild card * to search for variations of a word, including plural forms

Example:  child* searches child, children*, and childhood

  • Use quotation marks to search for a phrase

Example:  “French Revolution”

In any list of results, the number of items owned by the library will be followed by the number of items in circulation, for example, (1 owned/0 out).  In this case, the book should be available in the library.  Click on the title to see more information about the item and to find appropriate Subject terms.  Click on terms after Subject for lists of items that are devoted to the topic rather than covering the topic briefly in part of the text, e.g., a book chapter.

Finding Books in Milne and Other Libraries using WorldCat

      Note:  Locate WorldCat under Databases on library web site.

WorldCat is an online database listing materials in various forms in U.S. libraries and selected libraries throughout the world.  Holdings are indicated for Milne Library and for the Stevens German Library at Hartwick College.  You can search by author, title, subject, and keyword.  You can request that the library borrow print, but not electronic books, and media from libraries throughout the United States. You can also link to a request form (under Interlibrary Loan) on the Milne Library home page, where you need to add the bibliographic information for the item requested.

Directions for requesting items on Interlibrary Loan (ILL):

  • Link to WorldCat in the alphabetical list of Databases.  
  • Enter your search terms into the search box(es) and press Enter. 
  • If the library owns an item, you will see the SUNY Oneonta icon listed.  If the title is available as a print book, click on Search the catalog at your library to determine the call number and availability.  To link to the full text of available electronic books, you must search for the book title in “Search Everything” on the library web site. If the library does not own an item, or the item is checked out, you can request it on ILL.  Click on the title of the item to see the full record, and then click on Request via Interlibrary Loan
  • Enter your Oneonta username and password.
  • Required bibliographic information for the item will appear on the form.
  • If Milne Library owns the source, but it is checked out, add this information to the Notes.
  • Click on Submit.
  • When the item arrives, you will receive an email. Pick up your book at the Circulation Desk. You will need to bring your student ID card.
  • Please remember that it can take two weeks or more for your book to arrive, as it comes via mail or UPS. If you need to request books or media items through ILL, request them early. 

Finding Articles in Scholarly Journals and Essays/Chapters in Books

Link to the following databases by clicking on the Databases tab at the top of the library web site and locating the database name in the alphabetical list.

Databases Covering History

Databases Covering Many Subjects, Including History

Databases Covering Women’s and Gender Studies

Finding Primary Sources

When searching print and online access tools, use search terms such as SOURCE*, CORRESPONDENCE, PERSONAL NARRATIVES, DIARIES, SERMONS, SPEECHES, LAW AND LEGISLATION.  

Look for primary sources referenced in secondary and tertiary sources.  Use textbooks, class, and library bibliographies for recommended titles of primary sources. 

Milestone Documents in World History v. 1 & 2 Ref D 5 M55 200
Milestone Documents in World Religions v.1 & 2 Ref BL 74 M56 2011
The Times (London) Digital Archive, 1785-2011

Milne Library Web Site 

(under Databases)

Victorian Popular Culture

Includes the full text of primary sources about popular entertainment in America and

            Europe from 1779 to 1930.

Milne Library Web Site 

(under Databases)

Voices of Victorian England Ref DA 550 V65 2014

Finding Copies of Periodical Articles

Locating the full text of the article in electronic form: 

If there is no full text with the citation for an article in a database, the full text of the article might be available in another database. Click on Linked Full Text to connect to this database.

Requesting an article on Interlibrary Loan:  

If the article is not available at Milne Library in any form, request the article through the link Request through Interlibrary Loan.  Registration on the library web site is necessary to submit requests.  The Interlibrary Loan link is listed under the Student/Faculty Services tab. 

Finding an Article in a Particular Journal Title

  • Use the Journals tab at the top of the library home page. 
  • Enter the title of the journal or magazine, for example, Past and Present, in the search box and click on the magnifying glass icon. The title of the periodical, if available, will appear near the top of the results list.  Click on the title of the periodical.
  • If the title is available in library databases, Full Text Access will link to databases that include the full text of the title.  Check dates of coverage to determine if full text for the needed article is available.  Click on the Database title and search for the needed volume and issue number of the periodical OR enter the title of the article in the search box to obtain the full text.
  • If the title is available in print or microfilm, the link Print Journals in Milne Library will lead to information about the specific issues available in Milne Library.  Click on Is it here? Note specific library holdings, and locate the title in the library.  Print periodicals are located on compact shelving, and microfilm is available in metal cabinets in the Microfilm Room, both of which are in the Periodicals Room in the library sub-basement (SB floor). 

Requesting an Article on Interlibrary Loan

If the article is not available at Milne Library in any form, request the article through the    link Request through Interlibrary Loan.  Registration on the library web site is necessary to submit requests.  The Interlibrary Loan link is listed under the Student/Faculty Services tab.    

Using "Search Everything" (EBSCO Discovery Service/EDS)

The EBSCO Discovery Service points researchers to appropriate databases, but is not a substitute for searching these databasesEDS merely “scratches the surface” of selected library databases to produce a single list of results, including print books, electronic books, scholarly journal articles, magazine articles, research reports, documentary films, and much more.  

Click on the Advanced Search, and enter terms in the search box.  

     Refining or Narrowing the Results:

The results from a search can be very large.  Use the limiters on the left side of the page to refine and narrow your results.  The most useful limiters are listed below:


Click on Subject and then Show More to see a list of all subjects.  Subjects at the top represent the largest number of results.  Subjects at the bottom will give the fewest results.  The list can be alphabetized by clicking on Name.  You can select multiple subjects.  Update results.

 Location & Format:

Use to limit results to categorized items owned by Milne Library.  Click on desired format(s). Update results. 


Click on Sources and then on Show More for a selected list of databases in which results were found.  Select the most appropriate databases.  Update results.  Searching individual databases listed leads to additional results and is recommended for the most effective searching.

Use Databases tab on the library web site to link to alphabetical list of individual databases. Click on database name(s) and enter words in the search box(es).  Searching the individual databases improves search results because more refined searching can be done with appropriate subject terms.  


Use to limit results to particular dates.


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