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CNED 5105: Counseling Theories

Peer Review

Peer Review is a process that articles may undergo to be published in a journal. It can be a lengthy process, taking months or years for an article to go from submission to publication. 

Once an article is submitted, an editor reviews it to determine if it fits in the topic scope with the journal. If it does, the editor passes it on to a team of reviewers. These reviewers are experts in the field of study the article is based in. They will read the article and determine if it meets a selection of criteria, including but not limited to authority, relevancy, etc. Many times reviewers make comments on the article and expect revisions to be made before the article is published. This revision process could occur multiple times before the reviewers feel the article is of a high enough quality to publish. 

To take a look at the peer review process first hand, visit The Royal Society. Authors and reviewers can opt for an open review process. This process allows the readers to look at the review history of an article and see comments made. 

Locating Online Resources - Databases

Electronic articles can be searched through our databases. There are some general databases and some subject specific databases. To access the databases, click on the database tab on the library homepage. You can then browse through them alphabetically, or browse by discipline (i.e., gender studies, history, etc.). 

Below you will find a list of databases that will be helpful for your current assignment. It is not an exhaustive list, but it is a good place to start.