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Collection Development Policy

James M. Milne Library Statement on Objectionable Content

All materials in the James M. Milne Library collections have teaching, learning, and scholarly value, and reflect the society in which they were produced. They may contain language and imagery that are offensive because of content relating to: ability, gender, race, religion, sexuality/sexual orientation, and other categories. The library undertakes a regular, systematic review of our collections within the scope of their value for teaching, learning, and scholarship. After consultation with academic departments and other campus stakeholders, the library identifies titles for deselection. Some documents, images, publications, and other materials have been preserved in order to present the materials in their original state and context; these are important resources in the study of contemporary and past cultures. We take seriously our responsibilities in preserving and cataloging such material and in providing access for the purpose of teaching, learning and scholarship.  

 The library provides collections and materials for the purposes of teaching, learning, and scholarship; the availability of such materials does not imply the library’s endorsement of the ideas expressed in those materials. The James M. Milne Library is committed to upholding the principle of intellectual freedom, and equal and free access to unaltered historical information.  

 We are also strongly committed to building and highlighting collections where marginalized voices are included and represented, and taking other actions to promote social and racial justice.  See our Statement of Action for Social and Racial Justice for more information: 


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Adopted by the Library Advisory Committee March 12, 2021