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Collection Development Policy

Guidelines for Special Projects & Interdepartmental Proposals

These programs are intended to augment the library collection with materials in a variety of formats; however, the awards cannot be used for ongoing subscriptions. Applications may include requests for books (print & electronic) and audio-visual materials. The deadline is TBD. Send applications to Lori Wienke, Milne Library.

Each request should include specific titles, authors or publishers, prices, date, and any other helpful identifiers (ISBN/ISSN). The list of materials must also be sent as an attachment to the Acquisitions Librarian – Requests should include a statement about why materials cannot be purchased within the regular departmental allocation. The statement should also include evidence to demonstrate how the project fits the criteria below. Please specify whether your request is a special project or interdepartmental project. Your department librarian liaison is available for consultation and/or discussion about your proposal.

The total amount available for Special Projects this year is TBD (3% of mono budget). Awards will normally not exceed 10% of the total amount available. The Library Committee may approve greater amounts at their discretion. See past project examples at the end of this document.

  1. Special Projects: Special projects can be proposed by a department or individual faculty members. Appropriate uses for Special Projects applications in this category include, but are not limited to:

    • Increased coverage of a subject area due to a change in curriculum or discipline, or new faculty perspective or expertise.

    • The augmentation of insufficient or retrospective holdings in a subject area.

    • Single items or special sets of items too expensive for normal departmental budgets

  1. Interdepartmental or Interdisciplinary Proposals: Funding for proposals submitted by two or more individuals or departments that would build the collection in a specific interdepartmental area.

Any Special Project monies not allocated will be used to purchase titles chosen by librarian liaisons to strengthen the library collection.



Revised by Lori Wienke, Darren Chase, and Michelle Hendley March 14, 2022

Approved by Darren Chase April 5, 2022

Reviewed by Collection Development Team April 13, 2022