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Collection Development Policy

Collection Development Goals

The library maintains the following priorities regarding collections:  

Curricular Support

Liaisons develop close ties with departments and programs and continually use information about the curriculum in order to provide for the current and changing needs of SUNY Oneonta.  

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Liaisons recognize the formidable market forces that perpetuate the marginalization of perspectives not traditionally well represented in higher education in North America and shall adopt a deliberate approach in collecting materials outside of mainstream publishing and distribution structures. 

Institutional Responsiveness

The library anticipates and responds to collection needs through engagement with the campus community in serving the evolving institutional mission of SUNY Oneonta.  

Enrichment and Development 

The library endeavors to assemble a substantive collection that fosters the development of critical thinking skills, empowering individuals in the campus community to seek intellectual growth through self-directed and librarian-facilitated investigation.