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Collection Development Policy


The library welcomes the donations of materials. In addition to books, other current formats, including DVDs and compact discs, are also accepted. Titles that are added to the library collection are placed in the appropriate collection unless prior arrangements have been made with the donor. A nameplate will be placed in donated books if the donor is known. The Head of Bibliographic and Digital Services reserves the right to accept or decline any gift. Gift materials are accepted according to the following guidelines:   

  • Liaison shall evaluate gifts using the library’s selection criteria   
  • Materials must be in good condition   
  • Appraisals are the responsibility of the donor, and they must be completed prior to donation   
  • Once a gift is accepted, it becomes the sole property of the library   
  • The library reserves the right to determine the disposition of any gift   
  • Accepted items that are not incorporated into the collection may be given away, sent to another library, recycled, or forwarded to a book dealer in accordance with New York State guidelines   
  • Gift items may be withdrawn from the collection according to the library’s deselection criteria