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ALS/WHIS/WMST 294 (ALS 2994/HISW 3994/WGS 2994): Women in Latin American History (Goodier) Fall 2021

Librarian: Mary Lynn Bensen

Finding the Chicago Manual of Style for Citation and Bibliographic Formats

A short library guide for citing many types of sources is available at the Reference Desk and on the library web site at Citing Sources

Chicago Manual of Style (e-book)                                                                                 Under Databases on library web site

                                                  (print)                                                                                     Ref Z 253 U69 2017

Finding Background Information in Selected Reference Sources

Reference books (encyclopedias, handbooks, chronologies) in print and online form are valuable

sources of information.  Free photocopying of entries is available at the Reference Desk.

Reference sources do not typically count as required sources.

Reference generally sources include:

  • Brief overviews of topics
  • Important concepts, names, and dates
  • Lists of sources for further reading

Online Reference Library Databases

Under Databases on library web site

Selected Print Reference Sources

Atlas and Survey of Latin American History

Ref G 1541 S1 L3 2007   Sub-basement

Cambridge Encyclopedia of Latin America and the Caribbean Ref F 1406 C36 1992
Dictionary of Women Worldwide:  25,000 Women

   through the Ages

Ref CT 3202 D53 2007
Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture Ref F 1406 Z53 2008
Historical Dictionary of the Spanish Empire, 1402-1975 Ref DP 56 H57 1992   Sub-basement
Indians of Central and South America:  An Ethnohistorical Dictionary Ref F 1434 O45 1991
International Dictionary of Women’s Biography Ref CT 3702 I57 1982   Sub-basement
Latin America Ref F 1408 D25
Mexico:  An Encyclopedia of Contemporary Culture

   and History

Ref F 1234 C67 2004
New Catholic Encyclopedia and Supplements Ref BX 841 N44 2003

Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Culture:  The 

   Civilization of Mexico and Central America

Ref F 1218.6 O95 2001
Sage Encyclopedia of World Poverty Ref HV 12 E54 2015

Finding Print and Electronic Books in Milne Library

**Click on Advanced Search under Search Everything.

Select Library Catalog link at the top of the search screen. This is an index to the physical collections of Milne Library and collections of other SUNY libraries.

Any Field will search for keywords in fields of the item record, including author, title, subject, and contents.  Drop down menu to search for a particular field such as Author, Title, Subject.  Drop down menu under Material Type and choose Books.  Click on Search

Search Tips:

  • Use truncation to search for variations of a word, including plural forms.

            Example:  activis* searches for activist(s), activism

  • Use quotation marks to search for a phrase rather than individual words.

Example:  “Latin America”

Virtual Browse (At the bottom of selected records) gives information about books on the shelf near the book title.

**Sign in to get complete results and to request items from other SUNY Libraries.

You can limit your results to those Held by Milne Library or Available Online (facets to left of results list).  For books in Milne, note the availability status and the call number for the item. Consult the information guide Library Floor Plans to determine the location of the item. For electronic books, select Available Online.  Click on the title of the database collection to access full text.  For microform, locate the item in the Microfilm Room in the sub-basement.

Finding Books in Milne and Other Libraries Using WorldCat

Note:  Select WorldCat by clicking on Other Catalogs on the library web site

WorldCat is an online database that lists materials in U.S. libraries and selected libraries throughout the world.  Holdings are indicated for Milne Library, and the Stevens-German Library at Hartwick College.  You can search by author, title, subject, and keyword.  For print and e-books, you need to search the title in the Library Catalog to determine the call number and the availability of a print book and to find the link to an e-book.

If Milne Library does not own an item, you can request items by following the Request via Interlibrary Loan link provided on the record for an item in WorldCat.  The publication information will appear on the request form, which you can them submit. See “Using the Interlibrary Loan Service” below.

Using the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Service

If you are having trouble finding materials on your topic in the Milne Library, or if the books you want are checked out or are missing, you can request books from other libraries through Interlibrary Loan (ILL).  You cannot request an electronic book from another library on interlibrary loan.  The Interlibrary Loan link is located on the library web site.  However, the book might also be available in print, which you can request.  One-time registration on the library web site is necessary to submit requests.

To find an item that you want in WorldCat:

  • Enter your search terms (author, title, or topic) into the search box.  Check the library catalog in search everything to determine call number and availability.  If the library owns the item, you will see the SUNY Oneonta icon listed.  If the library does not own the item, or the item is checked out, or missing, you can request it on ILL.  Click on the title of the item to see the full record, and then click on Request via Interlibrary Loan.
  • Enter your Oneonta username and password.  All necessary bibliographic information for the source will appear on the form when you are registered.  If Milne Library owns the source, but it is checked out, add this information to the Notes.
  • When the item arrives, you will receive an email. Pick up your book at the Circulation Desk. You will need to bring your student ID card.  Note:  It can take two weeks or more for a book to arrive at Milne Library because it comes via mail or UPS. Many items, however, come in less than two weeks. If you need to request items through ILL, please request them early.

Finding Articles in Scholarly Journals and Essays/Chapters in Books

Link to the following databases by clicking on the Databases tab at the top of the library web site and locating the database name in the alphabetical list.

Database Covering Latin and Central America

Databases Covering History

Databases Covering Many Subjects, Including History                   

Databases Covering Women’s and Gender Studies

Finding Primary Sources

When searching print and online access tools, use search terms such as SOURCES, CORRESPONDENCE, PERSONAL NARRATIVES, DIARIES, SERMONS, SPEECHES, LAW AND LEGISLATION.

Look for primary sources referenced in secondary and tertiary sources.  Use textbooks, class, and library bibliographies for recommended titles of primary sources.

Selected Sources of Primary Documents

Defining Documents in World History:                                                                                     Ref HQ 1236 W664 2018

   Women’s Rights (1429-2017)                                

Includes major documents covering women’s history and issues.

Guide to Documentary Sources for Andean Studies,                                                               Ref F 3429 G845 2008


A useful handbook on Andean history that includes selected primary source.s

Gale World Scholar:                                                                                                                  Under Databases on           

   Latin America and the Caribbean                                                                                          library web site

            Includes a variety of historical material, including primary sources.                        

How They Lived:  An Annotated Tour of Daily Life                                                                Ref CB 69.2 C56 2016

   through History in Primary Sources

Finding Copies of Periodical Articles

Locating the full text of the article in electronic form:

If there is no full text with the citation for an article in a database, the full text of the article might be available in another database. Try searching for journal title in Journals tab on library web site. 

Locating the full text in print or microform:

Note specific issues available in Milne Library.  See information in “Finding an Article in a Particular Journal” to locate issues.

Requesting an article on Interlibrary Loan:

If the article is not available at Milne Library in any form, request the article through the link Request through Interlibrary Loan.  Registration on the library web site is necessary to submit requests.  The Interlibrary Loan link is on the library home page.  Complete the appropriate request form and submit, if there is no link to request form from the database record, or there is no record in library databases.  

Finding an Article in a Particular Journal Title

  • Use the Journals tab at the top of the library home page.
  • Enter the title of the journal or magazine, for example, Past and Present, in the search box.  The title of the periodical, if available, will appear the top of the results list.  Click on the title of the periodical.

  • If the title is available in a database, link to the appropriate database where you can search for the article needed.  Check dates of coverage to determine if full text for the needed article is available. 

  • If the title is available in print or microfilm, note the specific issues available in Milne Library.  Print periodicals are located on compact shelving in the sub-basement. Selected recent issues are on the main floor.  Microfilm is available in metal cabinets in the Microfilm Room, in the library sub-basement (SB floor).  Help is available by calling the number on the telephone in the Microfilm Room.


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September 2021