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MUSC 108: Music and the Marketplace (Tarr)

Music Industry Periodicals Available in the Library Databases

The following databases provide access to articles relating to the music industry (as well as other topics).

Locating a Specific Journal

If you are looking for a specific music business journal, you can search directly for the name of the journal by following these steps:

 1. From the Library's website, click on the Journals tab.

 2. Type in the title of the journal (or magazine) 

 3. If it is available through our library, click on the relevant result, which will take you to the various online databases that have the journal available.  (Note: if you have trouble accessing a particular journal, please contact us. Sometimes it is just a matter of trying a different web browser).

 4. From here, you can Search Within This Publication, or browse by date and issue.