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Information and registration for sponsored guests to the SUNY Oneonta Milne Library

Masking and Social Distancing



Beginning Aug. 9, 2021, masks are required for all students, faculty, staff and visitors in all indoor spaces until the vaccination data of our campus community supports relaxing said requirements. At this point, and due to the close contact nature of in-person classes and life in a residence hall, the percentage of our campus population who is fully vaccinated is not high enough for us to feel comfortable allowing anyone to be unmasked indoors.  The indoor mask requirement allows for pedagogical freedom in classrooms and laboratories, protects privacy and avoids the problems associated with an honor system, and ensures safety in all indoor settings. An incremental approach to relaxing indoor mask policies depending on vaccination statistics will be routinely evaluated by our COVID Response Strategic Team.

Social distancing does not need to be maintained while everyone is fully masked.

Masks may be removed indoors only in the following situations:

  • when socially distanced and eating/drinking while seated. Please note that no food or drink is allowed in any classroom, lab, or performance space during instruction.
  • while socially distanced and working at workstations* or in personal residence hall rooms.
    (*workstations do not include stations in computer labs or desks/furniture in shared recreational, study, or instructional spaces.)


Individuals who have submitted proof of vaccination are able to remove their masks outdoors without having to maintain social distancing. 

Unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, and those who have not provided proof of vaccination status are only required to wear masks outdoors when social distancing from others cannot be maintained.

Acceptable Face Coverings

Members of the college community and visitors are encouraged to provide their own facial coverings, however the face coverings must:

  • be made of at least two layers of washable, tightly-woven fabric (cotton is preferred), or be a commercially available disposable mask (AKA examination masks).
  • cover the wearer's nose and mouth at all times.
  • be securely fastened to the wearer's head by means of straps or ear loops.
  • conform to the wearer's face to provide the best possible seal and prevent gaps.
  • not have an exhaust valve.

Face coverings that do not meet the intention or function of preventing the spread of COVID-19 are prohibited. The following are examples of face coverings which have been found insufficient in meeting our mask guidelines by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.  

  • Any type of covering affixed in any way to eyeglasses. 
  • Masks that do not cover both the mouth and nose.
  • Masks that are constructed of loosely woven fabrics.
  • Masks made from non-permeable materials that are likely to suffocate.
  • Masks with unfiltered exhaust valves. 

Individuals who do not comply with the mask policy, or whose face coverings are determined to be insufficient, will be directed to comply by wearing an acceptable face covering as listed above. Continued failure to comply may result in an investigation and consequences carried out by the office of Community Standards for students or Human Resources for employees. 

Image: Bookshelf by Steward Butterfield, CC-BY