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SOCL 209: Social Research Methods: Home

Milne Library, SUNY Oneonta, Fall 2014 Librarian: Michelle Hendley

Reference Sources

Online Reference Sources


International Clinical Sociology (electronic encyclopedia available through the library catalog)

Sociology Basics (electronic encyclopedia available through the library catalog)

Print Reference Sources

21st Century Sociology: A Reference Handbook          REF HM 585 A13 2007

The Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology                          REF HM 425 C36 2006

Class in America                                                                   REF HN 90 S6 C564 2007

A Dictionary of Cultural and Critical Theory                    REF HM 101 D527 1996

Encyclopedia of American Social History                        REF HN 57 E58 1993

Encyclopedia of American Social Movements                REF HN 57 E594 2004

Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice                                   REF HV6017 .E52 2002

Encyclopedia of DNA and the United States Criminal

  Justice System                                                                      REF RA1057.55 .P34 2004

Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement                                     REF HV7921 .E53 2005

Encyclopedia of Police Science                                          REF HV7901.E53 2007

Encyclopedia of Social Theory                                            REF HM 425 E47 2005

Encyclopedia of Sociology*                                                 REF HM 17 E5 2000

Encyclopedia of Substance Abuse Prevention,

   Treatment, & Recovery                                                       REF RC563.4 .E53 2009

Encyclopedia of Victimology and

Crime Prevention                                                                    REF HV6250.3.U5 E55 2010

Sociology of Work: an Encyclopedia                                  REF HD6955 .S648 2013


 * This encyclopedia is also available in Gale Virtual Reference Library

Finding Scholarly Articles

For academic research, it is often important to use peer-reviewed (or refereed) journals rather than popular magazines. Peer-review is the process by which a journal article is evaluated by experts in the field. An example of a peer-reviewed journal is the American Journal of Sociology. An example of a popular magazine is People

Sociology and Criminology Resources

General Databases with Sociology Resources

Gender Studies Resources

Women Studies Abstracts    v.1 (1972) v. 42 (2014)           REF HQ1101 .W6

Includes abstracts to scholarly articles on a range of topics including Family, Family Planning and Interpersonal Relations.  Note: this is a print resource located in the reference room. 

Finding Copies of Periodical Articles

Locating the full text of the article in electronic form:

If there is no full text with the citation for an article in a database, click on or Find It! If a full text of the article is available in another database, there will be a link that connects to that database, where the article can be found.  If the article is not readily available, enter the article title in the search box.




Locating the article in print or microfilm, if not available in electronic form:

Link to Milne Library Print or Microfilm Copy, and then click on Is it here? Note available issues and location. Print periodicals are located on compact shelving, and microfilm is available in metal cabinets in the Microfilm Room, both of which are in the Periodicals Room.


Requesting an article on Interlibrary Loan

If you find an article from a periodical that is not available at Milne Library in any form, you can request the article through the link Request through Interlibrary Loan. You need to be registered to submit requests. You can also request articles through the Interlibrary Loan link on the library web site under the Student/Faculty Services tab.

Finding an Article in a Particular Periodical Title

·         Use the Journals tab on the top of the library home page.

·         Enter the title of the journal or magazine, for example, Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict, in the search box and click on Exact Match.

·         Look for the journal title in the results list and follow the link to the database(s) listed.

·         Link to the correct issue of the periodical OR enter the title of the article in the search box.

·         If an electronic text is available, click on the link provided.  If the library subscribes to the periodical in print or microform, click on the specific library holdings and locate the title in the library. 


October 24, 2014