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POLS 200: Approaches to Political Science: Home

Dr. Wilkerson Milne Library, SUNY College at Oneonta, Fall 2014

Selected Political Science Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

21st Century Political Science: A Reference Handbook               REF JA66.A21 2011

Culture Wars in America                                                                      REF HM1121 .C85 2014 

Encyclopedia of the American Left                                                    REF HX86.E58 1998

Encyclopedia of American Political History                                      REF E183.E48 2001

Encyclopedia of Political Communication                                        REF JA85.E64 2008

Encyclopedia of American Political Parties and Elections            REF JK2261 .S218 2006

The Encyclopedia of Political Science                                               REF JA61.E513 2011

Encyclopedia of Presidential Campaigns,                                        REF E176.1 .R6 2004

         Slogans, Issues, and Platforms

Encyclopedia of Water Politics and Policy in the United States   REF HD1694.A5 E265 2011

Governing America: Major Decisions of Federal,                           REF JK468.P64 Q55 2010

       State, and Local Governments from 1789 to the Present

International Encyclopedia of Political Science                               REF JA61.I58 2011

The Princeton Encyclopedia of American Political History            REF E183.P85 2010

Women in American Politics: History and Milestones                     REF HQ1236.5.U6 W43 2012 

The Blackwell Dictionary of Political Science                                   REF JA61.B43 1999

A Dictionary of Modern Politics                                                            REF JA61.R63 2002

The Palgrave Dictionary of Political Thought                                    REF JA61.S37 2007

Selected Electronic Reference Sources

Finding Books

EDS searches across the library's catalog and many of its databases in a single search. This is the default search box (Search Everything) on the library home page.  Because the results are so broad, learn to refine your results by using the toggle boxes on the left of the results screen.

To narrow a search to book only, go to Location and check the appropriate boxes.

Classic Catalog

Search for books in the Milne Library Catalog.


Finding Scholarly Articles

Political Science Resources

Finding Scholarly Articles

                                                                                 General Databases with Political Science Resources

Finding Book Reviews

Finding Quality Web Pages

To insure that you find the best and most authoritative information on the web, follow these suggestions:


1. Limit searches to .gov and .edu:

           To do this add site: gov or site: edu to any web search.


2. Use only key words and place phrases inside " ":

            "social classes"

             television and "class structure"


3. Use the advanced search feature of search engines, such as Google Advanced Search where    

you can limit the domain to .edu or .gov, limit key words to appear  to the title of the page and use phrases.


How to evaluate information located on the web


University of North Carolina University Library’s Evaluating Websites: Checklist


Virginia Tech University Libraries: Evaluating webpages for research

Revised September 2014