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MATH 303: Ancient Mathematical Astronomy: Home

Dr. Toke Knudsen Milne Library, SUNY College at Oneonta, Fall 2014 Librarian: Michelle Hendley

Finding Reference Books

Encyclopedias, almanacs, and handbooks provide quick, reliable information about a topic. They are excellent starting points for research when you need to find background information, important concepts, names and dates. These sources often include lists of books and articles for further reading. Examples of titles that may be relevant to this course include:


The Astronomy and Astrophysics Encyclopedia                                 REF QB14. A873 1992

CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics                                       REF QA5 W45 1999

Dictionary of Scientific Biography                                                      REF Q141 .D5

Encyclopedia of the History of Astronomy and Astrophysics              REF QB15.L388 2013

Encyclopedia of Space and Astronomy                                               REF QB136 .A55 2006

Dictionary of the History of Science                                                    REF Q125 D45

Encyclopedia of the History of Science,                     

  Technology, and Medicine in Non-Western Cultures                        REF Q124.8 E53 2008

Encyclopedia of Mathematics & Society                                             REF QA10.7 E53 2012

Encyclopedia of Science & Technology                                              REF Q121 M3 2007

The Firefly Encyclopedia of Astronomy                                              REF QB14.F575 2004

New Dictionary of Scientific Biography                                              REF Q141 N45 2008

Notable Mathematicians                                                                     REF QA28 N66 1998

Princeton Companion to Mathematics                                                REF QA11.2 P745 2008

Science and its Times:                                                            

 Understanding the Social Significance of Scientific Discovery          REF Q175.46 S35 2000

The Universal Book of Mathematics                                                   REF QA5 D27 2004

Selected Subject Headings (for use in the classic catalog and WorldCat)

Assyro-Babylonian Astronomy

Astronomical instruments                                                                  

Astronomy, Ancient                                      

Astronomy, History

Astronomy, Greek

Astronomy, Mathematics

Astronomy, Medieval

Astronomy, Renaissance

Egyptian Astronomy                                                  

Islamic Astronomy

Finding Books

EDS searches across the library's catalog and many of its databases in a single search. This is the default search box (Search Everything) on the library home page.  Because the results are so broad, learn to refine your results by using the toggle boxes on the left of the results screen.

To narrow a search to book only, go to Location and check the appropriate boxes.

 Classic Catalog

Search for books in the Milne Library Catalog.


Comprehensive database of books, journals, and media owned by libraries world-wide. 

Finding Scholarly Journals

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