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Milne Library Renovation: .

Milne Library Renovation

Library Steering Committee Charge

From: Maria Thompson

To: Charles O’Bryan

Subj.: Library Master Plan

Pursuant to the announcement that a large construction project for Milne Library improvements, you are directed to formulate a Facilities Master Plan for the Milne Library. While this is very exciting news, it presents many challenges and represents a considerable amount of staff work.

The plan is requested to include but not be limited to the following:

·         Vision for the Library of 2020

·         Incorporation of new services, including Disabilities Services, the Center for Teaching Excellence, and CADE (tutoring)

·         Incorporation of Technologies

·         Space management (especially classrooms)

·         Plan for the layout and management of the paper collection

·         Facilities for the other stakeholders including, but not limited to, OAS (Jazzman’s), Geography, Women’s Studies, and IT

·         Space program for the facility

·         Suggested locations for the various new spaces

·         Sustainable infrastructure

Feel free to call upon Scott Barton, Tom Rathbone, and Phil Bidwell for assistance in this important task. While they will be important in the process, you, as the Director of Milne Library, will be the project coordinator and have oversight over the process. Similarly, you are encouraged to seek out staff participation as well as the input of the Library Committee

Upon completion of this Master Plan, the college will be employing the services of a design professional, who will validate this program prior to starting the actual project design.

Please keep me apprised on a regular basis on your progress. I deeply appreciate all you do in the leading the library in these times of change.

The Steering Committee is involved in the initial planning for a potential $8 million dollar program funded by the State University Construction Fund.

IT Services
Lesley Bidwell, Directory of Networking and Telecommunications

Eileen Morgan-Zayacheck, Associate Provost for Academic Programs
Venkat Sharma, Dean, School of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
Jan Bowers, Dean, School of Education and Human Ecology
Provost Thompson—ex. officio

Achim Koeddermann, Associate Professor, Philosophy
Beth Small, Chair and Associate Professor, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Mette Harder, Associate Professor, History
Jerry Blechman, Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Andrea Gerberg, Associate Librarian and Head of Access Services
Chuck O’Bryan, Library Director

Scott Barton, Facilities Program Coordinator

Key Space Planning Documents

New Fountain

New Drinking and Water Bottle Fountain installed on the Milne Basement (Tech Center) Floor

Fill your water bottle here to stay hydrated!

Panel Project Complete!

[Image credit: John Griebach 2014]

[Image credit: John Griebach 2014]

The third floor of Milne Library has a new “look”, both inside and out!  A few years ago, some building envelope investigation revealed a need to replace the old masonry panels on the third floor.  Choosing a metal-clad insulated system which retains the existing architectural elements of the building while opening it up, the old area over the main entry populated with narrow windows and study carrels has been opened up with spectacular views of the quad and surrounding mountains and has been re-discovered by our students and is now a popular study space.  The new system is highly energy efficient, has many more electrical outlets for study equipment, is an excellent location in which to study, highlights the library as a “beacon” to all to enter.  Additionally, the north side of the building has been re-purposed into several small multi-purpose rooms for group study or individual study.  Thanks to all for their cooperation, patience and understanding this summer as we have been able to make these improvements possible.                                    

-Tom Rathbone, Associate Vice President for Facilities